This is the homepage of Royal Holloway‘s Schools’ Biodiversity Project. We are working with schools in the UK to improve and monitor their biodiversity, allowing pupils to get involved in scientific research projects. The biodiversity in an area is made up of its habitats and organisms. Together with partner schools, we want to monitor and increase biodiversity in school grounds.

Whether your grounds are large or small we have the project for you. They are ideal for use in classes, extra-curricular clubs, or as part of a PSQM or Healthy Schools award. The programme of projects is flexible, and we will help you to choose which ones are right for you, set them up, and provide ongoing support throughout. 

We are also interested in the effects of taking part in our projects on children’s psychological and educational outcomes. If you would like to find out more about taking part in this project, please get in touch!

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Or look at our project calendar for ideas by month.

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