Grounds For Nature Schools’ BioBlitz

June 12th-July 12th 2023

Co-ordinators: Dr Deborah Harvey and  Dr Rachel White 


This event will involve spending a few hours, during the period June 12th-July 12th  2023, outside exploring your school grounds or another local outdoor space such as a park or your garden, and discovering the species that inhabit it.

All you have to do is:

  • Complete a habitat and wildlife features checklist. 
  • Record species seen within your school grounds. 

Don’t worry! We will provide full instructions including how to identify the species that you might find.


Schools: Classes from any year, multiple classes, and/or eco-groups can get involved.

Plus: other children’s groups e.g. Scouts/GirlGuides, nature groups; and  families and individuals (parents and children etc.)

How do I get involved?

To receive more information and to sign up contact us